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Alma SA joined the Poznań Brand Consortium Showroom!

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On 9th April Vice President of Poznan Jakub Jędrzejewski opened the second edition of Poznań Brand Consortium Showroom at Ławica Airport.

Alma SA was among 24 companies from Poznan who identify themselves with the innovative and technological image of Poznan.

While watching Alma SA stand in the arrivals hall every arriving to our city tourist and investor will be able to see our offer as well as the values that guide our company.

Alma presence among brands such as Bridgestone, ENEA, Glaxo, Solaris and Volkswagen is a confirmation of our determination to build a strong position of the Company not only on local but also on national and international level. Our exhibition consists of presentations and 3D model in the form of a cube representing the 6 main business areas of Alma SA: Telecommunications Systems, Security, Infrastructure Datacenter, Systems of Communication, Economic processes and Smart Energy.

The exhibition will last until the end of 2016.

Jan Mikołajczak
Jan Mikołajczak
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