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Communication Systems

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Communication Systems

We will support your communications by designing radio network in specific technology, tailored to your needs.

We provide reliable communications wherever you need it, and the implementation of communication with standard cable is too expensive or impossible. Instead of utilizing expensive telecommunication operator links, we enable the creation of a transmission network. It allows transmission of voice, video and data both locally and over long distances.
To achieve this we use technologies that are tailored to your requirements. We are able to face radio network challenges by providing support in critical situations like line overload or inability to make calls due to a burdened cellular network.

Lines and Radio Networks

We lower investment costs associated with construction of transmission networks.
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We ensure reliable communication and cooperation in critical situations caused by, among others, network overload and the lack of ability to communicate due to this network overload.
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We design and implement wireless communication systems in the IP-DECT technology.
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Paging systems

We design and implement paging systems and personal protection systems.
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Notification and mobile applications

We design and build solutions in the area of notification and event management.
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Why choose us?

What distinguishes us from the rest opposition is knowledge and experience,
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Multiple years of experience based on development of offered services considering the changing business environment. Allows us to manage technology development and provide cutting edge solutions supporting your business.


Many successful projects for well-known enterprises in the areas of IT integration, telecommunications and business process management confirms our competence.

The process of project implementation in ALMA

With us, you are only few steps away from your goals

  • Inquiry

    During the interview or through exchange of email we gather specific information about your needs.

  • Offer Preparation

    Based on the information gathered we will prepare and quote a solution that meets the challenges of your business at the right price.

  • Offer Approval and Implementation

    We will perfect the details answering your offer queries and implement the offered solution.

  • Maintenance and Service Level Agreement

    We will take care of maintenance of your chosen solutions so as to keep them at a constantly efficient and ready state.

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