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Communication systems


We ensure reliable communication and cooperation in critical situations caused by, among others, network overload and the lack of ability to communicate due to this network overload.

Tetra (terrestrial trunked radio) is a system of radiotelephone communications dispatcher, created mainly for public safety services (police, fire brigade and others) and rescue (ambulance).

The system allows you to run four independent conversations at one time and send the data via the same link. In response to a user query, the system allows access to a telephone call in not more than 0.5 seconds. Additionally emergency calls in the system are marked with the highest priority. In a situation where all channels are busy, and the desired connection is very important (e.g. a threat to human life), addressing all four channels is eliminated by the system call handling priorities.

In addition, TETRA can share locations using the GPS system, provide access to databases, messaging (SMS equivalent) and WAP.

Good communication is that which refutes the barriers and made us talk about globalization. It is also what may determine the future of a growing organization.

I need efficient and reliable wireless commucation

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