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Ensuring safety of data which is of highest importance and sensitive to your organization.

High sensitivity data in today’s world of every developing technology are particularly vulnerable to interception. Using data protection systems, leakage protection, authentication, network access and security mobile devices can provide comprehensive security to your data.
We protect workstations and servers and Internet exchange points from DoS/DDoS and data leakage, while keeping your data archived.

Data Security

Thanks to the data security system w successfully implement security policy around the data that you deem to be the most important for your organization.
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Workstation and Servers protection

Thanks to the use of anti-virus and anti-spam applications we guarantee security to your workstations and servers.
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Internet exchange point security

We ensure security of internal/corporate network at the point of Internet exchange with the external network. We give access to selected users keeping in mind a defined security policy.
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Protection against DoS/DDoS attacks

We protect the network from being blocked from the outside with the help of DoS/DDoS.
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Data leakage protection systems

We protect sensitive information from being leaked with the help of dedicated DLP systems.
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Security Audit

We conduct security audits that dramatically improve the data and network security inside of an organization.
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Many successful projects for well-known enterprises in the areas of IT integration, telecommunications and business process management confirms our competence.

The process of project implementation in ALMA

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    Based on the information gathered we will prepare and quote a solution that meets the challenges of your business at the right price.

  • Offer Approval and Implementation

    We will perfect the details answering your offer queries and implement the offered solution.

  • Maintenance and Service Level Agreement

    We will take care of maintenance of your chosen solutions so as to keep them at a constantly efficient and ready state.

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