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Data Security

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Data Security

Thanks to the data security system w successfully implement security policy around the data that you deem to be the most important for your organization.
For the protection of sensitive data we use:

  • Data encryption systems (for example: encryption modules, encryption software to protect documents and e-mail)
  • Data leakage prevention systems (so called DLP systems)
  • Authentication systems and network access (NAC, NAP, VPN)
  • Mobile device security systems (MDM)
As a fulfillment to data security we deliver adequately defined and implemented backup policy, data archives and possible data restoration in critical situations.

The need for security, based on the bottom of the Maslow pyramid should also encompass security of sensitive data due to the fact that more and more  the data is responsible for the right functioning of enterprises around the world.

I want to ensure security of my data.

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