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Network perimeter security

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Internet exchange point security

The enterprise edge is secured by:

  • Detection and intrusion prevention systems (IPS, IDS)
  • Firewalls (classic and next generation allowing the creation and execution of security policy for certain individuals and applications (NGFW)
  • Unified Threat Management systems uniting firewalls with antivirus protection, anti-spam, Web filtering, VPN or network DLP (UTM/XTM systems)
  • Secure Web Gateway systems protection the HTTP/HTTPS transmission (working as proxy servers)
  • Sandboxing solutions in case of zero-day or ATP threats
  • Solutions that ensure secure access to internal network for authorized users (VPN, Authentication)
We ensure security of internal/corporate network at the point of Internet exchange with the external network. We give access to selected users keeping in mind a defined security policy.

The need for security, based on the bottom of the Maslow pyramid should also encompass security of sensitive data due to the fact that more and more  the data is responsible for the right functioning of enterprises around the world.

I want to ensure security of my data

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