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Smart Energy


We offer solutions in the area of Smart Metering.

The implementation of our solutions enables full control of the cost of electricity and the media. A very important effect is the increase of energy efficiency at the level of 6-10%. This however is the beginning of the possibilities which smart metering has to offer. As the next step of our project development we introduce any functionalities to the smart metering systems such as notifications and management of the data received. We prototype the newest solutions based on mobile technologies as well the expectation of our clients and partners.

What are smart metering and smart grid solutions for big energy companies?

Enterprises that distribute electricity plat important role in the value chain corresponding to the reliability of energy supply. Energy networks are subject to continuous upgrade in terms of performance reliability and efficiency. Measurable quality parameters of energy and increasing the reliability of supply are key determinants of business objectives and projects to introduce a new generation of “smart grid”.

The following features characterize intelligent networks:

  • Measurement of energy with the use of smart meters (smart metering).  Smart meters allow reading of media consumption in real time and bi-directional communication allows users to send signals to the supplier.
  • Monitoring and proactive management of the network by analyzing the current parameters to prevent such phenomena as overloading of transformers.
  • Remote diagnostics and remote switching in case of emergency
  • Active management of energy demand in the seasonal peeks and daily price fluctuations, which in time will flatten the demand curve for energy.
  • Management of distributed energy sources based on renewable energy resources (RER) such as micro wind turbines and photovoltaic sources.

In the view of growing public and state involvement in ecology and energy consumption, ignoring the possibility to save energy and reduce costs is at least wrong.

I want to optimize electricity and media costs.

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