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Ethernet IP/ MPLS

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Ethernet IP/ MPLS

We enable the exchange of information through the use of Ethernet / IP technologies.

Ethernet/IP technology through continuous development has become a widely used means of information exchange inside operator and corporate networks. With the new intelligent solutions, IP networks provide support for multiple users and services. They allow for the use of infrastructure utilizing both copper wire and fiber optics. The most recent standards allow data transmission at speeds from 1 to 100 Gbps. Such large bandwidth enables broadband of data, voice and video.

1/10/100 Gigabit Ethernet technology used in the implementation of high-speed WAN / MAN / LAN networks, significantly increases network performance. In conjunction with MPLS IP network technology it enables us to provide a wide range and high qualityof services.

MPLS(MultiprotocolLabelSwitching) is a technique used by routers in which routing of packets has been replaced by the so-called label switching. MPLS is called “Layer 2.5” Because it enjoys the advantages of layer 2 (OSI)- performance and speed and Layer 3- Scalability. By combining them together the performance of services delivered over IP networks improves vastly. It allows for booking of bandwidth for traffic flow and ensures service requirements distinction.

MPLS allows ISP operators working on one IP network to provide separate VPN service to each customer. Data transmission in the separate VPN is fully separated from other users but it isn’t encrypted.

The shorter the time between real-time and access to objective information, the greater the likelihood of finding accurate business decision, and less economic risk.

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